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Tropical Deluxe Princess Beach Resort & Spa

Tropical Deluxe Princess Beach Resort & Spa

The Hotel Tropical Deluxe Princess Beach Resort & Spa lends in with the incomparable beauty of Bavaro Beach in the province of Altagracia in the Dominican Republic. Just 25 km from Punta Cana airport, the resort is surrounded by a magnificent palm grove and is located right on the beach, making it ideal for happy family vacations.

Its comprehensive facilities will allow you to take advantage of 2 swimming pools (familiars), try varied and exquisite island cuisine thanks to a great choice of 4 restaurants and 3 bars, play tennis, take a ride on one of our bikes around the resort, join in outdoor games for the kids…. and a host of other activities we have specially prepared for you and your family.

Tropical Princess Beach Resort & Spa - All Inclusive

Tropical Princess Beach Resort & Spa - All Inclusive

Tropical Princess Beach Resort & Spa - All Inclusive

Tropical Princess Beach Resort & Spa - All Inclusive


The queen palm tree is a bit variable in looks and size depending on where it’s grown.

It originates from countries in South America like southern Brazil and Argentina.

Its newer leaves on top are quite often a medium to dark green shade with the older lower leaves being almost a dusty silver/green color.

The trunk is usually light grey in color.

It gets beautiful long yellow sprays, (up to 5 ft long) of both male and female white flowers.

They will produce a fruit that is generally a medium to deep orange when it’s ripe. 

Some say the fruit is edible, although I haven’t tried it myself.

Queen Palm Flowers

Syagrus romanzoffiana


The Queen Palm tree is easily found in many landscapes throughout Florida and California. Although not a native to North America, it has found a home in tropical to sub-tropical areas. The Queen Palm tree is also resilient during times of winter months and has also been seen withstanding snowfall. An interesting note about the Queen Palm tree is that it is usually always found with 15 fronds or leaves. The pinnate leaves of the Queen Palm tree are feathery with an ever-green color. The stem of the leaf can be 5 to 15 ft long with each leaflet blade approximately 18 to 36 inches long. The trunk of the Queen Palm tree is pale-white with noticeable rings where the leaves have fallen off. The Queen Palm tree is a great for curb appeal and can be placed in unique groupings to create a serene landscape.

DIY — Landscape Design

The Queen Palm tree can be placed be placed solitary or in groupings. I have seen many people place the Queen Palm tree 5 to 6 feet apart in order to place a hammock. A hammock is a wonderful self-indulgence that people need in their lives. People need to be outdoors and creating your own oasis with palm trees and hammocks is very easy. Plant enough Queen Palms and have enough for the whole family to be swinging along talking about what happened throughout your day. Remember that creating a plan or having an idea is the key to a successful landscape design. Only you can create your ultimate design. Try writing down or drawing out with you, or your family, your favorite landscape design. Brainstorm ideas then sleep on them, not literally, but just make sure the design is what you really like. Before you know it, you�ll have people wanting to come over, and tempt you with a barbeque, just to lie down in your hammocks.

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DIY — Indoor Design

The Queen Palm tree makes for a beautiful potted plant as long as you place it near a window that receives full light. Placing the Queen Palm tree in your home can be an eco-friendly way of changing a room around. Instead of using paint, purchase a painted pot and put a splash of life in your corner with a Queen Palm tree. You can even make an activity out of painting the pot with friends or loved ones. Be creative and the sky is the limit!

Please, feel free to comment on this article. Any new design ideas, comments, or appreciation is welcomed.

Queen Palm Overview:

Queen Palm Tree Naming Conventions:

Queen Palm Tree Plant Classification:

Linnaean Taxonomy SystemLinnaean Taxonomy System:

Superdomain: Neomura Palm Tree InformationTheoretical Group
Domain: Eukaryota — (Eu-kary-ote) Palm Tree Information4 Organisms — Animals, plants, fungi, and protists
Kingdom: Plantae (Plants) Palm Tree Information3 Groups — Streptophyta (Green Plants), Rhodophyta (Red Algae ), and Glaucophyta (Green Microscopic Algae)
Subkingdom: Streptophyta (also known as Streptophytes, Metaphytes, or Viridiplantae) Palm Tree InformationGreen Plants
Super Division: Embryophyta (also known as Embryophytes) Palm Tree InformationLand Plants
Division: Tracheophyta (also known as Tracheophytes or Tracheobionta) Palm Tree InformationVascular plants — higher plant life
Division: Spermatophyta (also known as Spermatophytes or Phanerogams) Palm Tree InformationSeed plants
Division: Magnoliophyta (also commonly known as Angiosperms) Palm Tree InformationFlowering plants
Plant Class: Monocotyledons or Monocots (also known as Monocotyledoneae or Monocotyledones) Palm Tree InformationOne embryonic seed leaf
Palm Family: Arecaceae — (ar-ek-AY-see-ee)
Palm Genus: Syagrus — (sigh-AY-gruss)
Palm Species: romanzoffiana — (roe-man-zoff-ee-AY-nuh)

Differences Between Queen Palm Trees and Other Palm Trees

There are a variety of palm species that are relatively easy to distinguish from the Queen Palm. They all share a similar appearance but grow to different sizes and thrive in different environments.

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The Pygmy Date Palm (Phoenix roebelenii) is instantly recognizable by its small size. The tree doesn’t usually grow taller than 10 feet and the fronds grow to about 3 feet long. Despite the name, the dates of the Pygmy Date Palm are not considered as edible and tasty as the fruit of other palm trees. Pygmy Date Palms are hardy in USDA Hardiness Zones 9 through 11 and enjoy full sun or partial shade.

The King Palm (Archontophoenix alexandrae), also known as the Alexander Palm, is the true patriarch of the palm tree family. Capable of growing from about 50 feet to 70 feet tall, the King Palm is a slightly larger variety than the Queen Palm. The species is self-cleaning and does not require much pruning, if any.The King Palm prefers well-drained soil and it can tolerate shade or full sun. However, it is less hardy than the Queen Palm and is only recommended for zones 10 and 11.

The Pineapple Palm (Phoenix canariensis), also known as the Canary Island Date Palm, is known for its large frond to trunk size ratio. The trunk’s slow growth rate allows it to support fronds that are over 10 feet in length. Unlike other palms, this species sports a pineapple-shaped growth in between the trunk and leaves. The trees are hardy in zones 9 through 11.

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  • Питательная тканевая маска с экстрактом манго, 20 мл
  • Успокаивающая тканевая маска с экстрактом мангостина, 20 мл
  • Выравнивающая тон кожи тканевая маска с экстрактом папайи, 20 мл
  • Увлажняющая тканевая маска с экстрактом маракуйи, 20 мл

Технические характеристики товара могут отличаться от указанных на сайте, уточняйте технические характеристики товара на момент покупки и оплаты. Вся информация на сайте о товарах носит справочный характер и не является публичной офертой в соответствии с пунктом 2 статьи 437 ГК РФ. Убедительно просим Вас при покупке проверять наличие желаемых функций и характеристик.

Все товары, реализуемые интернет-магазином, являются абсолютно новыми и имеют срок гарантийного обслуживания в сервисных центрах производителей или в сервисном центре ОНЛАЙН ТРЕЙД.РУ. Покупатели, приобретающие цифровое фото и видео, периферийные устройства, коммуникаторы или другую технику в нашем магазине, вместе с товаром получают кассовый чек и гарантийный талон с печатью нашего магазина. Перейти в раздел гарантийные обязательства

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Queen Palm Care

Queen Palms-queen-palm-careA queen palm

The queen palm is a tropical plant that is native to South America, this beautiful palm loves the warm weather and creates interest by giving that tropical look. The leaves of the queen palm are bright and glossy which looks so graceful making this palm a show stopper that can bring much flavor and style into your landscape and gardens. The queen palm can reach heights of up to 50 ft, this plant can be found in many coastal areas.

It is believed that the queen palm has some of the largest fronds (leaves) which can reach up to over 15 ft. At our international airport, there are a few of them that can be found on the property. The fruits of the queen palm are bright orange which adds to the beauty of this lady. For more on the care of the queen, palm stick around as we take a closer look at growing this show’s beauty.

Planting Location

The planting location should be an area that gets full sunlight and has sufficient space for this lady to show off her beauty.

Soil Type

The soil should be well-drained soil that is acidic.

Water Methods

During the summer months ensure that your palm is well water because even though this palm is a tropical plant and does well in full sunlight it is not a drought-tolerant palm. Ensure that the soil is moist during this time but during the winter months, decrease watering.

Fertilizing Methods

In mid-spring and early summer apply a fertilizer that is formulated for palms. Before applying fertilizers read and follow the manufacturer’s label because the label is the law.

The queen palm suffers most from manganese deficiency, a sign of a lack of this nutrient is that the leaves of this palm will look crinkle or curled which is known as frizzle top. Ensure that your queen palm is getting sufficient manganese.

Garden insect pests of the queen palm

The garden insect pest of the queen palm is.

  • Scales
  • Palm Leaf Skeletonizer


Scales are garden insect pest that is tiny and round which appears to have on an armor. These insect pests remain in a fixed position on the fronds or leaves of your palm. Scales have piercing-sucking mouthparts and suck the juice or fluids from your plant. They can cause great damage, especially in great numbers.

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To bring these pests under control the use of insecticidal soap or horticultural oils is a must. Repeated application may be needed because these pests can become a real issue and a challenge when seeking to eliminate them. Before applying chemicals read and follow the manufacturer’s direction because the label is the law.

Palm leaf skeletonizer

The insect pest that is responsible for this damage inhabits and feeds on the tissues of the palm’s leaf. When this happens the leaves will take on a sickly appearance with a sawdust-like looking material. If this disease is not taken care of immediately can spread to the entire leaf. What is left after the destruction is the veins and the bare midribs, in other words, the entire leaf will be stripped?

The infected leaves should be removed immediately at the first sign to avoid the spreading of this disease. If this disease is allowed to spread to the healthy leaves will be hard to control weakening the palm. If all of the leaves are infected because of not taking quick action the entire leaves will have to be removed which puts your queen palm in greater danger.

Remove the infected leaves with a hand pruner and apply neem oil or sevin to bring this garden insect pest under control. After use, the pruner should be sterilized with alcohol and water then sprayed with WD 40.

Diseases of the queen palm

  • Ganoderma Butt Rot
  • Bud Rot

Ganoderma Butt Rot

The Ganoderma butt rot is reported to be a serious threat to the queen palm. This disease enters the palm through a wound and is encouraged by a fungus that inhabits the base of the palm tree moving about 4 ft up the tree trunk. To know if your queen palm has this issue look for signs such as a conk which resembles mushrooms these conks are white and grows from the bark of the tree.

There is no known treatment for this disease. The only safety measure is to avoid injury to your palm tree. Once this conk mushroom appears the only thing that can happen is to remove the tree and dispose of it properly to avoid the spread of this disease.

Bud Rot

Bud rot affects palms by causing the new leaves to drop, also you will discover black lesions on the younger fronds. The mature or older fronds will maintain their green healthy leaves for a while which after death will set in. The cold weather along with extreme moisture encourage this disease.

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Unfortunately, there is no cure for this disease except to remove the tree and properly dispose of it. This may be a challenge but monitoring the moister level may offer some help in the control of this disease. If there are other palms in the area applying a fungicide to them may offer some help from the spread of this disease.

Where to install the queen palm

Here are just a few areas on where to install the queen palm.

1. These palms can be installed along driveways.

2. Can be installed as a stand-alone or specimen plant.

3. Looks great planted along garden path walkways.

4. Plant queen palms alongside your house giving a spacing of 8 ft from your home.

5. Can be planted alongside a fenced area

6. Installing them alongside a wall is great.

7. Does great installed alongside office buildings?

The final word

The queen palm will give your garden and landscape that royal touch with her beauty and charm. Join the many homeowners that are taking advantage of this royal beauty which has proven to work wonders.


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Другие варианты коктейля

Бармены часто любят экспериментировать. Почему бы не попробовать последовать их примеру? Любой гурман не откажется насладиться подарком из тропиков.

Сочетание с водкой

Градус коктейля «Голубые Гавайи» в такой комбинации повысится. Состав экзотического чуда:

  • 30 мл белого рома;
  • 30 мл водки;
  • 30 мл ликера «Malibu»;
  • 30 мл ликера «Blue Curacao»;
  • 100 мл ананасового сока;
  • 100 г льда в кубиках.

Состав коктейля Голубые Гавайи с водкой

В крепкие напитки добавляют два сладких ликера и сок. Предварительно в бокал помещают лед в кубиках. Пьют алкогольный микс через трубочку. Специалисты рекомендуют наслаждаться процессом посредством маленьких глотков.

Фреш из трех фруктов

Готовят его достаточно быстро. Для этого берут:

  • 45 мл сока из апельсина;
  • 45 мл ликера «Malibu»;
  • 45 мл рома светлого цвета;
  • 130 мл сока из ананаса;
  • банан и небольшой кусочек ананаса;
  • 130 г льда в кубиках.

Поэтапное приготовление коктейля:

  1. Процеживание сока из апельсина через ситечко.
  2. Измельчение кубиков льда в блендере.
  3. Заполнение наполовину бокала крошкой.
  4. Вливание алкоголя и процеженного сока.
  5. Добавление оставшейся ледяной крошки.
  6. Украшение ананасом и бананом.

«Blue Hawaii» — это тропическая сказка, которую поместили в бокал. На любой вечеринке «Голубые Гавайи» станут главным ее украшением. Не нужно ограничивать себя в желании насладиться чудесным напитком.

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