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Всё о сухом Мартини Экстра Драй. Рецепты коктейлей, правила употребления и стоимость алкоголя

Всё о сухом Мартини Экстра Драй. Рецепты коктейлей, правила употребления и стоимость алкоголя

Длительное время такой прекрасный напиток, как «Мартини», оставался загадкой для отечественных любителей интересного алкоголя. Этот напиток невозможно было встретить на Родине, поэтому вкусить его терпкий, но при этом оригинальный вкус вермута можно было исключительно за границей.

Времена железного занавеса и постоянного дефицита прошли и теперь встретить «Мартини» можно на полках любого магазина, но вот как его правильно употреблять, чтобы терпковатый, но оригинальный вкус полностью раскрылся, знают немногие.

История этого удивительного напитка и правила его употребления настолько обширны и многогранны, что следует рассмотреть все нюансы и особенности, чтобы определить лично для себя наиболее подходящий вариант.


Свое имя напиток получил в честь Алессандро Мартини, который не был создателем этого алкогольного чуда, зато преуспел в его популяризации. Менеджер по продажам (так бы мы сегодня обозначили его профессию) вместе со своим другом, который был опытным винокуром, в конце XIX в. основал в итальянском Турине компанию Martini & Rossi и открыл самое «продвинутое» по тем временам производство.

Мартини – сорт вермута, в состав которого входят 35 различных (в том числе и лекарственных) трав. Роль «первой скрипки» отдана горькой альпийской полыни, которая растет только на западных склонах гор. Именно ее аромат делает мартини легкоузнаваемым среди других алкогольных напитков.

Крепость составляет 16-18%, поэтому, особенно при неумеренном потреблении, он довольно сильно кружит голову. Причем, как правило, дамам – специалисты считают мартини женским напитком.

Особенность! Для мужчин мартини слабоват, поэтому они делают его покрепче, смешав, например, с джином (его объем в коктейле обычно в 4 раза превышает количество вермута) или текилой (её должно быть вдвое больше).

Бармены назвали мартини «королем ночной жизни» — он идеально вписывается в формат коктейльных вечеринок, фуршетов, подходит и для романтического ужина. Он дает ощущение праздника, а в небольших дозах даже приносит пользу здоровью (не забывайте, о его лекарственных ингредиентах) – улучшает пищеварение, снимает боли в желудке.

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COMING SOON: Thai tapas and cocktail restaurant Giggling Squid is coming to Manchester

Giggling Squid specialises in sharing plates and cocktails with a Thai twist..

December 6, 2021

Spinningfields is set to gain an exciting new addition in the form of a Thai restaurant specialising in ‘Thai tapas’ and cocktails.

Giggling Squid initially started life in the basement of a tiny cottage in Brighton back in 2002 with the aim to serve ‘simple, rustic, fresh Thai food’ in a selection of small plates made for sharing.

The restaurant’s owner Pranee grew up on the banks of the Mekong River, visiting the local markets everyday with her mother at 5am, where she’d see ‘huge fish splashing in water tubs, transparent shrimps, an endless variety of herbs and vegetables’.

Following its opening, Giggling Squid has experienced massive success and has since opened over forty restaurants in various locations across the country.

And now, in its first proper venture up North, Giggling Squid will be coming to Manchester, where it will take over a vacant venue on Hardman Square, opposite The Ivy.

There will be a number of tasty items up for grabs on its Manchester menu, including starters made for sharing like Phuket Mussels, Samui Zingy Prawns, Salt & Pepper Squid and Chicken Satay.

There will also be a menu dedicated to the humble Pad Thai as well as the standard mains menu, which will be split into three categories; Stir Fry, From the Water and From the Land.

Also on the menu will be a huge range of unique cocktails, many of them with a distinctive Thai twist. Highlights include the Thai-spresso Martini with coconut coffee liqueur and toasted coconut flakes, and the Me Time Margarita made with muddled ginger and lemongrass and a curry-salt rim.

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Giggling Squid’s Manchester site is set to open at some point in the new year, so make sure to follow them on Instagram for news and updates.

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Is Atticus:
a) practicing his zombie walk for Halloween
b) reaching for tasty beautyberry fruit? . Heavy Songs

He’s working on his thriller dance

We need the Thriller sound track…….

His tail is MAGNIFICENT!

C. All of the above❤

The perfect mouse lemur day involves sleeping in cozy fleece, tiny pieces of fruits and veggies, and plenty of enrichment.
Sounds good to us!

Help them live their best lives by shopping our Amazon wishlist at! While we are good on fleece for the moment, we could use your help with treats and enrichment for our lemurs. . Motorcycle Full Body Armor Protective Jacket Guard ATV Motocross

The mouse lemur must be my spirit animal then.

Looks like me during a scary movie !

Those eyes, stunning & so cute!

Uggghhhhh my heart!! ❤️

This year, World Lemur Day is October 29th!

We have lots of fun planned here at the DLC, but check out this great resource from our friends at Lemur Conservation Network! Learn about the history of World Lemur Day, explore virtual and in-person events, download resources for educators, and get inspired about how you can help spread the word about these incredible animals!

World Lemur Day is celebrated each year on the last Friday of October. The World Lemur Festival is celebrated around the world in the weeks surrounding World Lemur Day. In 2021, World Lemur Day will b.

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Amazing that this day is also my daughter, Shannon Nicole Frank ‘s birthday and is currently interning at the DLC!

Happy Lemur Day!!

Sometimes it is hard to tell sifakas apart. and then there’s Remus!

Remus is one of our most recognizable lemurs for his signature way of seeing the world. When he is curious about what is happening behind him, he finds it easier to look upside-down instead of looking over his shoulder. . Siskiyou NFL Pittsburgh Steelers Leather Bi-fold Wallet

This reminds me of Madonna’s Confessions tour in 2006 when she’s looking back in the saddle singing Like A Virgin absolutely #Iconic ❤️

Good idea, Remus!

A Lemur after my own heart!! Lol

We are jumping for joy this weekend — the 2021 Mission: Madagascar Gala and the online auction raised more than $150,000!!

Thanks so much to everyone who donated toward our conservation programs in Madagascar. Haven’t made a gift yet? Check out all of our wonderful ways to make a difference by supporting the Lemur Center’s work to protect lemurs and their habitat at! . Blown Glass Octopus, Glass Octopus, Glass, Octopus, Ocean, Octop

Ring-tailed lemur Atticus has been spending too much time with the Coquerel’s sifakas!

Photographer David Haring captured this shot of Atticus showing off his bipedal locomotion. While not quite as nimble as the sifakas are on two legs, ring-tailed lemurs will occasionally stand and move upright to see over tall vegetation. . Arken Optics Rigid Precision 20 MOA 34mm Scope Mount for Precisi

I saw him several times last week. Just a happy little guy!

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Love the goobers out in nhe 6❤ #eartuftsforever

You can tell by the way I use my walk I’m a woman’s man, no time to talk.

He looks like Shoeless Joe in the cornfield

I love ring- tailes

Met Atticus last week… as he hopped over Sara Kirsch’s feet.

Jacob Luis Reyna on the way to meel ❤

We are so thankful to everyone who contributed to our giving challenge to fully fund the Fuel Efficient Stoves project for an ENTIRE YEAR!

These stoves cut charcoal and firewood use by more than half, reduce household air pollution, and save on household budgets. By reducing fuel use, they help reduce the pressure on forests, where trees are extracted at an increasingly rapid pace to meet the growing demands for charcoal. The stoves also offer an opportunity to develop entrepreneurship and diversify household incomes.

Read more about how fuel efficient cooking stoves empower households in Madagascar in this new blog from DLC-SAVA Conservation Program Coordinator James Herrera: . Great Gonzos

James Herrera, Program Coordinator, DLC-SAVA Conservation There has been tremendous interest in fuel-efficient cooking stoves, in Madagascar and among the Lemur Center supporter community. And for goo.

Keep up the good work out there, James, DLC-SAVA, and team! This is awesome!

We could do with these in South Africa!

New research on ancient extinctions for your #FossilFriday! Widespread loss of mammalian lineage and dietary diversity in the early Oligocene of Afro-Arabia. Or, when our monkey ancestors almost died!

30 million years ago, it was rough to be a mammal in Africa. Glaciers were building in Antarctica, messing with the climate, super volcanoes were going off in Ethiopia, and extinctions rolled through, changing ecosystems.

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We knew there were big changes in North America and Eurasia, but Africa was thought to get through unscathed, possibly because it was closer to the equator and buffered from the worst environmental changes. Using primate, rodent, and hyaenodont Bayesian phylogenies, researchers showed lineage diversity crashed in all three groups across the boundary.

The extinction was hard to detect is because the fossil record in Africa is patchy. Key fossils from the Eocene-Oligocene fossil sites in the Fayum Depression of Egypt that are now housed in the DLC’s Division of Fossil Primates helped build trees to bridge the gaps.

DURHAM, N.C. – Sixty-three percent. That’s the proportion of mammal species that vanished from Africa and the Arabian Peninsula around 30 million years ago, after Earth’s climate shifted from sw.

We are so excited to share this video of our work in Madagascar!

Filmed and produced in the SAVA region of Madagascar by Malagasy videographer Riccardo Morrelas and his Zahava Productions team, this 10 minute video offers a first-hand look at the forests, people, and lemurs that make Madagascar such an incredible island.

For the last 10 years, the DLC-SAVA conservation team has been preserving the natural biodiversity of Madagascar — especially its charismatic lemurs — by empowering local communities to be conservation leaders. Learn more about the project and how you can help at . Baffin Men’s Titan Snow Boots

Crowned lemurs Shezmu and Sanura are serious about leaf time!

This species is sexually dichromatic. Males like Shezmu have orange fur with black crowned-shaped markings on their foreheads, while females are gray with orange «crowns»!

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