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Primavera P6: Download a Free Trial

Primavera P6: Download a Free Trial

p6 download free trial v20

Primavera P6 Professional is likely the most-used construction project management software package around today. Now at version 20.12, project controls planners & schedulers use Primavera P6 Professional to manage construction projects big and small around the globe. The Primavera P6 download process will let you download a free trial of Primavera P6 Project Management. And we’ll take you through the Primavera P6 download and install process step-by-step.

Here’s what you’ll need to get started with downloading a free trial of Primavera P6:

  1. A working copy of Windows 7 / 8 / 10. Primavera P6 does not run on Macs.
  2. Enough free disk space. You’ll need around 700 megabytes for the downloads and the install files.
  3. About 20 minutes. It’ll probably take that long to get everything up and running.

Primavera P6 installs with a database in the backend. But don’t worry.

We’ll be installing the SQLite version which is very straightforward to install. No fancy database engines needed.

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