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Punch Needles

My favourite punch needles for your craft.

Oxford punch needles are one of the best punch needles

Oxford Punch Needle

My first love, my favourite and my go to Punch Needle is the Oxford Punch Needle. If you appreciate a beautifully made, handcrafted tool, well this is the needle for you. They are beautifully made, easy to punch with, simple to thread and fit into your hand snugly, so very comfortable to work with. They are definitely worth the investment.

Adjustable punch needle is a flexible punch needle

Lavor Adjustable Punch Needle

Ideal for beginners who want to try out punch needle with a great price point or those with experience who want to experiment with different loop heights or textures. The Lavor adjustable punch needle is made in Europe from recycled plastic. This is a real fun needle and a great addition to any crafters kit bag!!

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